GM Group ( GM-OPEL-Chevrolet )

GDS2 Europe and North America 01.2023
& Tech2win cost 50 $


GM SPS offline Programming

Support GM Cars till 2012  (GLOBAL TIS V32)

offline SPS for cars till 2012:
OPEL Global TIS costs 80$
CHEVROLET Global TIS costs 60$


GM DPS (Development Programming System)

_ GM DPS v4.53 Lifetime License with date change by beyond.
& Patac  DPS 12.2022 unlimited license:
both cost 110$/pc
About GM DPS 4.53, you change the date with Beyondo to 01/06/2023, to get 316 days License (Lifetime Activation)
After finishing using GM DPS 4.53 just exit from Beyondo To get real-time back
Good Luck to all
_ Only GM DPS v4.55 License to 11-2024
cost 60$


GM Group Engineering Tools

XbusToolkit + XbusTRTool + commands = 60$

XbusToolkit – Supports J2534 Tools
Second-hand module removal
Modify the frame number
Modify the mileage
Modify the security password
Radio unlock and other functions
Command sales… & more



DPS Archive Creator Tool v2 and v1

Price: v1 = 73$ / v2 = 94$

with the New Release V2, we got 2 new features:
The tool can automatically create DPS archive files for Global-B vehicles.
The tool can automatically create DPS archive files for Type4 files.
The benefits of using the GM DPS Archive Creator Tool:
No need to use the Tis2web website to identify the utility file anymore.
No need to use 7zip to uncompress the calibration files.
Easily identify the module’s utility file.
The tool can be used to automatically create the DPS archive file from the GM SPS cache folder calibration files and is great for those who want to quickly create a DPS archive file for programming a general motors electronic module.
For How to create GM DPS archive files from SPS cache files for the HMI module,
Watch the video below to see how the process for automatically creating a DPS archive file.


VINSwap for GM ECUs: 53$

used for ECM / TCM and BCM Vin changing…
Global B is not supported, and not for E88, E90, E93, E99, E41, E46
they are locked, and need GM DPS…